the 10 moments that saved 2017

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So, 2017 was a nightmare. Or rather, we WISH it was a nightmare because then we could wake up from it. (And when we woke up we’d have a competent President wearing a dope pant suit who isn’t trying to start a nuclear war.) And we have the cranky, orange baby in an ill-fitting suit who is currently occupying the White House to thank for it. But Wildfangs (and Monty Pythons) always look at the bright side of life. Sure, plenty of terrible things happened in 2017, but we’re going to take a look back at some of our fave moments, the ones that made us say “HELL YEAH.”

1. It’s about TIME

The #MeToo movement took the internet by storm. And overnight, people (men) started not only LISTENING to women’s allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct, but believing them too. Finally, there seem to be actual consequences for being a total dirtbag garbage human! Once-respected senators, comedians, news anchors, radio hosts, actors, directors, and whatever you call Harvey Weinstein were brought DOWN.  And Time Magazine’s Person of the Year went to “the silence breakers” referring to the brave women who came forward and gave a voice to victims of sexual assault. (And in 2016, if you’ll remember, it was our predator-in-chief. What a difference a year makes…)

2. The Women’s March

On January 21, 2017 (the day after the inauguration) women took to the f**cking streets. The national mood was kind of a mixture of anger and denial and nightmare and I think I’m gonna barf. It wasn’t great. But the women’s march took all of these complicated emotions and channeled them into one of the biggest baddest worldwide protests we’ve ever seen. It was powerful. Like, is it even possible for you to look at pictures from the march without getting goosebumps? Seriously, if you’re not covered in goosebumps right now, you might actually be one of those West World robots.


3. All the pregnant ladies

What’s that saying? Anything you can do, Serena Williams and Gal Gadot can do pregnant? Okay that might not be a saying but you get it, right? (And maybe that should be a saying.) Serena won the Australian open. Gal Gadot did re-shoots for the highest grossing superhero origin film of all time. (A lady superhero movie? But what if she gets her period?!) All while simultaneously growing humans inside their bodies. That is some next-level multitasking. 

4. Blondie

Okay, where to begin? *clears throat* Blondie. Wearing Wildfang. On stage. While being Blondie. HOLY F*CK. Dreams really do come true.

5. Winning that looks an awful lot like losing

Skinny Repeal. The Muslim Ban. Bringing sexy coal mining back. The see-through border wall that Mexico was going to pay for. The ability to buy a suit that fits properly. Trump is failing SO HARD. All over the place. We don’t normally take pleasure in other people’s pain, but I’m sorry, we have to make an exception for this one.


6. Australia says YES 

Australia! We love you! And we’re sorry that most of us cannot tell the difference between your accent and New Zealand’s! But nevermind that for now. We were so pumped on November 15th, when your people turned out in HUGE numbers to legalize same-sex marriage, overcoming YEARS of conservative resistance. This was a big win. The people of Australia didn’t just say “yes.” They said HELLLL YES. Overall, more than 61% of Australians were in favor of the change. In Melbourne, it was 83.7%. Love IS love is love, mates.

7. Some pretty special elections

In Virginia, longtime Republican incumbent and total shitbag Bob “Bathroom Bill” Marshall was was unseated by Danica Roem, Virginia’s first openly transgender elected official. If victory is sweet, then this one was like a caramel apple being held by Mandy Moore (circa 2000) who is drinking maple syrup and wearing a sweater made of cotton candy.

8. Eleven got a punk rock makeover

And it was bitchin’. You thought she couldn’t get more kickass than she was in Season 1 and then SHE DID. I don’t know about you, but when *I* grow up, I want to be a 13-year-old telekinetic.


For some people, the eclipse was life-altering. And for others, it was just another big confusing thing up in the sky. (Pretty sure Trump is still trying to figure out what was eating the sun.) But honestly? It was pretty cool. The roads were empty. Everything was quiet. The office was deserted. Dogs were confused. It was totally surreal and peaceful and we kind of needed that break from reality, if only for 7 minutes. 

10. The Giveback

Ever since the election, people have been donating to progressive causes as if their lives depended on it. All over the country, folks are raising money, writing big fat checks, and saying mean things about Mike Pence in the memo line. And we’re happy to report that Wildfang has raised over $75K in 2017, and we couldn’t have done it without YOU. So thanks. (You’re the best.)

See? We had some good times, this year! And you know what? Sometimes you gotta have the salty to appreciate the sweet. So long, 2017! It’s been real.

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