11 Looks For Less: Swipe the Style From Your Fave Summer Flicks

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With our Summer Wipeout Sale in full swing, it’s the perfect time to snag those iconic looks from your fave summer flicks—all without breaking the bank. From our famous tomboy twins to rule-breaking Scout, we’re serving up the hottest warm-weather Wildfang looks inspired by some of the raddest characters out there.


1. The Parent Trap, Hallie Parker

Photo Jun 22, 11 11 30 AM

Not only was Hallie clearly the badass twin, she also had some serious style for an eleven year old. Snag a modern upgrade to her to varsity bomber, paired with a gold necklace that’ll make you the prank-master of summer camp.


2. The Sandlot, Smalls

Photo Jun 22, 12 28 21 PM (1)

Time to show the boys what playing ball like a girl really means. Grab his vintage ’60s look with this Publish button up and clean Hook Line Twill shorts and you’ll be killin’ it, Smalls!


3. The Talented Mr. Ripley, Marge Sherwood 

Photo Jun 22, 11 13 58 AM

Because when you’re hanging poolside in Mongibello with Matt Damon and Jude Law, you best bring your killer swimsuit game. Add these perforated Xero sandals to complete the look.


4. Jaws, Jaws

Photo Jun 22, 11 15 42 AM

Bet you never thought you’d be able to dress like a killer Great White and look this rad at the same time. Move over, Quint—you’re gonna need a bigger boat!


5. To Kill a Mockingbird, Scout

Photo Jun 22, 11 16 42 AM

The OG Tomboy. Auntie’s not here to force us into a dress, so snag these Trade Short overalls, grab your slingshot and you’ll be ready for your summer adventures.


6. Weekend at Bernie’s, Bernie

Photo Jun 22, 11 29 10 AM

Add a little life to Bernie’s iconic look. Ditch the khakis for these B. Cools Chino shorts and opt for the tank instead of the long sleeve. Do the Bernie now, it’s summertime, fools!


7. Back to the Future, Doc

Photo Jun 22, 11 00 54 AM

Nobody rocks the prints like Doc but we sure as hell can try. Add our white Highlight pants for a beach vacay look that’ll have you wishing you could time travel to summer months all year round.


8. She’s the Man, Viola as Sebastian

Photo Jun 22, 11 03 08 AM

Don’t pretend you don’t love She’s the Man as much as you love Gouda. We all remember how hard Viola rocked that blazer. Add these Belmondo pants and plaid tie to dress up Illyria’s school uni.


9.  It Takes Two, Amanda

maxresdefault (1)
Photo Jun 22, 11 04 53 AM

Amanda as Alyssa? Alyssa as Amanda? Who cares, she’s RAD AF! Grab this upgrade to a classic ’90s look with the RVCA striped tee and the B. Cools Snapback. Bonus points to anyone who can name a Steve Guttenberg movie that came out after 1995.


10. Love and Basketball, Monica

Photo Jun 22, 11 06 17 AM

All is fair and love and basketball…even this killer crossback bra. Our casual take on Monica’s look will have you winning on and off the court.


11. Little Giants, Becky “Icebox” O’Shea

Photo Jun 22, 11 08 04 AM

Shoutout to the MVP Icebox for carrying the boys on her back and giving us a reason to rock this dope camo vest. Grab your squad of misfits and hit the field.




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