12 Reasons You Should Rock a Non-Black Suit

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While a black suit may the classic, sophisticated, never-out-of-style staple of a tomboy’s wardrobe, let us take a moment to fully appreciate the many fine attributes of our more vibrant suit friends. Whether you make a statement in red, go totally tartan, or stick to neutral greys, don’t be afraid to kick your stolen-from-the-boys style up a notch (or five). And, if John Travolta’s bitchin’ moves in Saturday Night Fever (swoon!) weren’t motivation enough, here are 12 more reasons you should totally rock a non-black suit.


1. Your steez can finally reach the Lloyd Christmas levels you never dreamed possible.



2. You have a way higher chance of twinning with David Bowie.


3. Even the most well-dressed men will pale in comparison to your next level dapperness.



4. You can make sipping coffee look cooler than Bad Sandy.

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5. You’ll always be wearing the coolest suit at the pool.



6. It doubles as camouflage if you’re ever hiding from your ex at a wedding.



7. Nicki Minaj will probably invite you to star in her next music video.



8. You won’t have to worry about combing your hair because you’ll already look rad AF.



9. You’ll be like a magnet for other really well-dressed humans and subsequently redefine the meaning of #squadgoals.



10. The non-black suit’s ability to move seamlessly from day to night is likely indicative of magical powers.



11. You’ll look so boss that literally no one will ever f*ck with you. Ever. Like, forever-ever.



12. Because a non-black suit will, without a doubt, spice up your life.


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Photos sourced from Nandi Mngoma, Grandpa Style, Justin Chung Photography, Nylon.com, Wildfang, Celine, Francesca Roth, Style Caster, The Daily Mail.

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