5 of Our Self-Care Faves

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It’s been really tough to watch the news lately, and while it’s really important to stay informed, it’s equally important to take time for self-care. Especially now you’ve got time off for the holidays to actually relax. Here are five things to help you take a breather, and most importantly, TAKE CARE.

Get Comfortable

In terms of taking care of yourself, fleece is the holy grail. Comfy and cozy, this jacket feels like a warm hug, looks like a teddy bear, and is perfectly engineered for chilling on the couch or braving the cold weather.

Slough Off the Bad

Taking time for your beauty routine is a great way to feel like a brand new person, we all know the difference a shower makes when you get home from a long flight. This scrub from Noto will leave your skin feeling smooth, and you’ll feel totally invigorated with its fresh minty scent. (but seriously we keep opening up the sample, it smells SO GOOD)

Put a Little Color in Your Night

Something about putting on matching pajamas just makes you feel PUT TOGETHER… Even if all you’ve been doing all day is binge watching The Crown. This set takes the cake, it looks like a standard pair until you get a take a closer look. Check it out.

Burn Your Bra

Or at the very least, give yourself a break from underwires. Because honestly, fuck that. Being poked in the ribs does not go well with relaxing on the couch + getting the most out of your holiday break

Take a Nap

Naps are easily the MVP’s in the self-care hall of fame. Plus when you’ve got a house full of family home for the holidays, a nap is the best way to take a break. Cuddle up under this blanket from Woolrich and you’ll almost forget that you have to sleep on the inflatable mattress while your Aunt Carol gets the guest bed.



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