6 Ways to Start Ruling the World From Women Who’ve Done It

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What is an icon? We believe it’s more than just a designation earned with age or a tiny, clickable symbol on your desktop. To us, the word icon denotes a shared rebel spirit, an innate badassery, and an unwavering aversion to hearing no. To introduce our new collection to the world, we knew we needed a group of bold, independent, passionate Wildfangs to help us capture the true meaning of ICONS. Here are 6 of our favorite rule breaking, modern-day heroines with their advice for kickin’ ass and takin’ names.

#1. The answers lie within.

Kate Moennig, OG Wildfang and star of hit shows Ray Donovan and The L Word, on going with your gut:

WF_111714_icons_blog_kate#2. F*ck up a lot.

Whitney Cummings, creator of the hilarious sitcoms 2 Broke Girls and Whitney, on learning from failure:

WF_111714_icons_blog_whitney#3. It’s COOL to be kind.

Jen O’Brien, totally regular mom (that is, ya know, if your mom also happens to be one of the most iconic women in skateboarding), on reaching your destination:


#4. Do the right thing—it’s not just your favorite ’80s flick.

Deedee Corradini, first female mayor of Salt Lake City and driving force behind winning the battle to include women’s ski jump in the Olympics, on making tough choices:


#5. Have the eye of the eagle and the mouth of a sailor.

Vanessa Torres, reigning queen of professional skateboarding and the first female skater to win a gold medal in the X Games, on going after what you want:


#6. Start applying to med schools.

Stephanie Simbari, up-and-coming comedian with skits featured on Last Call with Carson Daly and actress who lit up the screen in Coldwater, on choosing your career wisely:



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Photographer: Lindsey Byrnes // HMUA: Victoria Aronson

4 Responses to “ 6 Ways to Start Ruling the World From Women Who’ve Done It ”

  1. Kate Moennig is not only stunning, she seems like just a cool person. Inspiring to say the least.

  2. Kate Moennig my favorate! of all time! love u and ur clothes! ur the best!

  3. Beautiful pictures And beautiful Womens . The best icons for help Wildfang. We love you from Europe , we are sad not being able to buy your clothing line. How can we do?
    Please continue it’s great what you’re doing. Nice and cool clothes

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