6 Women Inspire You To Be A Lover + A Fighter (Free Speech January 2017)

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We always look forward to Free Speech, as it’s the most inspiring and uplifting event we do. With everything happening around our country right now, we needed a moment to sit and reflect, get motivated, and learn from each other to keep fighting. We rallied comedians, entrepreneurs, lawyers, and a 20 year old, to tell us what keeps them going.

1. Jeanne Goshe “A Parking Ticket”

The writer, comedian and genius behind Everyone Get’s a Divorce. Hear her story about how one parking ticket changed everything, and to triple check your lottery tickets.


2. Jennifer Yruegas “The Smiling Assassin, What’s Really Behind the Mask”

Badass lawyer and first ever African American Female Patent Attorney. Her story shares her career path built on love and how post-election reality has motivated her to fight.


3. Stefani Guerrero “All About Perspective”

This recent midwest transplant and future entrepreneur talks about how selling fiber optics door-to-door has given her a new point of view, from the least suspecting individuals.



4. Ella Ray “Tired”

Feminist, art historian, and lover of Lil’ Kim. Listen as she expresses the importance of self-care and how it’s a form of loving herself and caring for the community.



5. Lisa Dougherty “Trip to Kinkos”

Social Marketing Manager for The Range magazine and lover of adventures. Hear how her travels through Europe, will never compare to the trips to Kinko’s with her dad.


6. Sue Levin “For the Love of Uniforms”

The Founder of Lucy and all around boss lady tells us how her first volleyball uniform became the first, but not last, form of armor to fight her way through life.

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