6 Women Share Their Fiercest ‘You Got This’ Moments – Free Speech: August 2016

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Gut check time! Whether it’s in the birthing room, on the side of a mountain, or behind a microphone, sometimes a girl’s just gotta grab life by the horns and tell herself, “YOU GOT THIS.” Relive our latest night of live storytelling with 6 bad babes telling their tales of boldness and bravery.

Note: this month’s stories were so good we got a little distracted from our recording duties… we apologize in advance for the spotty sound quality. 


1. Tsilli Pines: “Take the F*cking Epidural”

Digital Creative Director at FINE, Founding Director of Design Week Portland, and host of CreativeMornings, Tsilli Pines talks life lessons learned in labor.


2. Steph Ghoston: “The Best Piece of Advice I Ever Gave”

From lawyer to life coach, Steph Ghoston passes on some serious wisdom… and she didn’t even charge us for it!


3. Momo Peterson: “Inventing Momo”

Momo Peterson is a copywriter at Wieden+Kennedy but is most famous for inventing… Momo Peterson.


4. Vanessa Miller: “A Born Introvert Drinks Underwood Pinot and Gives a Talk Loosely Structured Around the Topic of Social Anxiety”

Vanessa Miller is an OG Wildfang and champion of the everything-I-need-to-know-in-life-I-learned-from-karaoke theory.


5. Jordan Dinwiddie: “What Would Wonder Woman and Storm Do?”

Jordan Dinwiddie is a writer from Chicago who knows the baddest babes in the game are Wonder Woman, Storm, and Beyonce.


6. Yesenia Gallardo: “I’d Rather Be Throwing Up on Mt. St. Helens”

Founder and CEO of edible insect startup Poda Foods, Yesenia Gallardo knows that sometimes real life can feel more like climbing a mountain than climbing an actual mountain.

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