8 Historic Women You Should Totally Name Your Cat After

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You know what’s amazing? Badass, trailblazing women. You know what else is amazing? Cats. That’s right. With Hillary’s historic run for the Democratic presidential nomination, we’re taking this chance to hero groundbreaking women who paved the way for all of the females out there currently crushing it. What better way to honor these women than by naming your larger-than-life feline friends after them? Pick from this list of unique personalities to find the perfect name for your cat.

1. Amelia Earhart

Finding Earhart

Does your cat have a grand sense of adventure? We’ve got the perfect cat name for you. This independent babe was the first female to fly solo across the Atlantic. Careful, babes, you’re going to want to keep a close eye on this one—Amelias have been known to disappear in thin air.

2. Eva Peron

Don’t meow for me, Argentina! If you own a balcony, it would be a wasted opportunity to not name your cat after this legendary leader. In addition to an impending cat musical, you’re likely to have a compassionate companion that knows how to win the heart of a nation.

3. Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks On Bus

If your cat has been an inspiration to all other cats on the block, Rosa’s the name. She’s here to take a stand on behalf of all. She’s sure to be a catspiration for a years to come.

 4. Ellen O’Neal


Is your cat rad as hell? Can she shred like nobody’s business? Name her after this freestyle queen who gave the boys a run for their money. When she tries her first four paw kickflip, you’ll be grateful cats have nine lives.

5. Katherine Switzer


If your cat is a pro at outrunning the neighborhood dogs, this is the purrfect name for you. Not only did she go by “Kitty,” Switzer was also the first women to (secretly) enter and complete the Boston Marathon, pawing off all men who tried to stop her.

6. Billie Jean King


Garfield can keep his cheesy lasagna, we’re all about the athletic cats. Celebrate your pet’s cat-like reflexes and name her after this badass tennis pro. Not only Billie Jean win a whopping 39 Grand Slam titles, she’s also the inspiration for the MJ classic…we think.

7. Jane Goodall


If you have an animal lover on your hands, name your cat after the ultimate animal rights activist and UN Messenger of Peace. She’ll be cuddling with all the neighborhood pets in no time with a name like good ol’ Jane. Who doesn’t love unexpected animal friendships?

8. Dr. Mae Jemison

dr mae

If your cat is clearly out of this world, this is the woman for you. Name her after the EPIC physician who was the first African American woman to travel into space.


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Special thanks to: Svetlana Petrova, Kidsgowho.com, Washington’s Top News, A1luha at Redbubble, Mashable, KeraNews, The Dodo, Life, The Klaxons


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