The Broke Girl’s Guide to Gifting

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Sooo… if you’re like me, you’ve got a lot of shopping to do in the next few weeks. Where DOES the time go? And while we’re at it, where DOES the cash go? I could have sworn I had some… somewhere. Maybe it’s all that avocado toast I’ve been eating? JK, JK. Well, have no fear–the Wildfang Broke Girl’s Guide to Gifting is here. We’ve got everything you need for everyone on your list, and you might even have a few bucks leftover for some fancy cooked bread!

1. The eternally stressed out office mate

Rough day at work? Maybe swearing will help. Swearing Carpenter Pencil Set – $8


2. Your Mom who’s all about #Warren2020

Because she persists like nobody’s business. Elizabeth Warren Pennant – $20


3. Your brother who’s obsessed with Shark Tank

And someday, if you’re lucky, he might ask you to be an investor… Hundred Dollar Ideas Pocket Notebook – $8


4. Your sis who you wish would call more often…

Hint, hint. Wild Feminist iPhone Case – $20


5. Your dad who’s suddenly into cycling this year?

Mini things are just better, okay? Cyclist’s Mini Multi-Tool – $17


6. Your niece who’s more into politics than princesses

You down with RBG? Yeah you know me. Ruth Bader Ginsburg Coloring Book – $10


7. The coworker who tries to get you to go to boring networking events

Blah blah blah business blah blah blah. All Business Card Holder – $8


8. Your grandma who looks like a sweet old lady…

But beneath that soft, grandmotherly exterior she’s a bad bitch who’s ready to slay. Slay the Patriarchy Stitch Kit – $20


9. Your BFF who’s always hydrating

Say, what’s in this drink? Oh just the tears of men who have wronged me.  Slay the Patriarchy Reusable Tumbler – $18

And there you go. Easy as toast.

Not as broke as you thought?? Hit up the Wildfang Gift Shop for even more perfect presents!

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