Call of the Wild Feminist

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So you’ve heard of our Wild Feminist tee, right? You know the one that Janelle Monae rocked on stage at Coachella. The one Phoebe Robinson wore at the Women’s March… along with thousands of y’all. The one that has helped us give almost 25k back to charity this year. Well, our Wild Feminist Collection just got a little WILDER. And our Creative Director, Taralyn is here to tell us all about it.

Q: So, lots of NEW NEW in this collection: new graphic, new print. Tell us about the inspo.

TT: Well, we know our Wildfang babe loves to rock a floral. What is it they say… plant moms are the new cat moms? So for our Fall Wild Feminist Collection we wanted to incorporate a modern, streetwear inspired floral print in with our stacked Wild Feminist design (you know, that one Harper’s Bazaar ripped off.😘) I love how the tee brings this to life in a really bold, statement making way where as the bomber takes a more subtle approach with the black on black back graphic and floral patch.


Q: Tell us more about the bomber. It’s a new silhouette this season, right?

TT: YES! We couldn’t be more excited. We made a Wild Feminist bomber last year and TBH the fit was not up to snuff. So for this season we obsessed the fit, details, and fabric. It came out amazing! The heavier fabric is more durable and premium, not to mention it can truly be worn as a transitional outerwear piece. And the fit is just right. It’s got that slightly oversized menswear inspired styling in just the right places, but slim and tailored where you want it (can we say sleeves anyone?!).

Q: What’s your favorite piece in the collection?

TT: Ok, I’m gonna cheat here. My favorite “piece” is that a portion of the proceeds go back to charity. This collection has helped us donate 25k to charity this year and we are looking to triple that next year. Organizations supporting women’s health and equal rights need all the help they can get with this administration.

Q: So what’s next?

TT: Ok… SPOILER ALERT. This badass floral print you are drooling over in the tee, we are coming out with an Ultimate Button Up in the same print. I’ve seen a sneak peek and it’s MEGA. So, keep your eyes peeled babes.


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