Cure Your Holiday Hangover With Our Top 10 Picks Under $50

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Congratulations! If you are reading this, you have survived the holidays. You partook in much merry-making, consumed a great deal of cheer, and out-festived even the hardest partying of elves. ‘Twas a good showing all around. But now, in the harsh light of day, reality is knocking at the door and she goes by the name of One Helluva Hangover. Fortunately for you, Wildfang has an old family cure for all that ails you… mix some major markdowns in with some damn good deals, add a pinch of sale and voilà—you’re good to go! We call it the Top-Picks-For-Under-$50 cocktail and, boy, is it delicious. 

1. The “Holy sh*t, I can’t believe I made it to work today” button up.


When in doubt, reach for the stripes. The Folle, $42


2. The “I had a little too much fun last night so I’m calling in sick to see Star Wars” tee.


May the *farce* be with you. Star Wars Radness Tee, $42


3. The “I’m so tired I can’t be bothered to tie my shoes” slip ons.


Over, under, around and… f*ck this sh*t. Playa Slip Ons, $49


4. The “hopefully this will disguise my bed head” hat.


Hey, we get it—sometimes combing your hair is simply just too much. Coven Fedora, 32 


5. The “if I have to get out of bed, I want to at least FEEL like I’m wearing PJs” shirt.


There are days for nice tailoring and today is most definitely not that day. Fast Ball Henley, $32


6. The “The struggle is real and I need an extra dose of attitude” ring.


One ring to rule… this epically large breakfast burrito I’m about to consume. The Ultimate Tomboy Ring, $32


7. The “I need a bag big enough to pack my ibuprofen, bottle of water, and extremely large thermos of coffee” backpack.


Surviving a hangover is like being in the Boy Scouts… it’s important that you always Be Prepared. Reid Tartan Backpack, $38


8. The “another round of mimosas, please” top.


Brunch is basically a sport so why not dress the part. Infield Top, $48


9. The “I fell asleep in my clothes from last night” crop.


If I had a dollar for every time I did the walk of shame in a glow-in-the-dark crop top I’d… well, I’d have one dollar. The Night Life Tomboy Bra, $24


10. The “maybe if I put this hood up no one will notice I’m napping at my desk” scarf.


Ahh, the hoodie-scarf hybrid—it’s where fashion meets function. Cable Hood, $38


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