DJ K. Marie is a FaNcy PaNt$

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There’s some serious competition in the Wildfang office over who’s found the next big band, who goes to the most shows, and who has made the ultimate playlist on Spotify… but we have to get real. We’re just too busy curating the raddest tomboy styles around, so we had to bring in an expert to do the mixing. To kick off our first mixtape, we picked one of the flyest DJs from our own backyard, DJ K. Marie.
With a nightclub singing grandfather and an aunt that DJed on a military base in Guam, it’s no wonder music ran in Krystal’s blood from an early age. It wasn’t until about four years ago though, that she met her mentor, DJ Ruckus, in Miami and started spinning tracks for crowds worldwide. No stranger to self-expression, we had know what was behind the killer mix she crafted.

“This mix is a collective of feelings, really. About love – wanting it, needing it, not giving a f*ck about it. Loving yourself, accepting yourself, enjoying the moment to wondering where it went.”

Krystal’s taste in clothes is as impeccable and cutting-edge as her taste in music. And as a yoga instructor and formal model, it’s impossible to snap a bad pic of her. We couldn’t get enough of her infectious smile and badass style. Oh snap… did we just bust a rhyme? Maybe she should have put us in the mix!


Frida Kahlo might be the greatest woman in history in Krystal’s opinion, but we’re hard-pressed to find another chick (especially a DJ) as badass as she is. I mean, look at that spiked beanie! She means business. When she’s not spinning tracks or perfecting her tree pose, Krystal likes to chill out and have some fun, even if it means dishing out a few fibs for us to ponder.

> I have double dragon tattoos on my butt

> My friends and family call me “Uncle”

> I have been engaged once before

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Photos by Megan Holmes



2 Responses to “ DJ K. Marie is a FaNcy PaNt$ ”

  1. I used to love listening to this mix, but it has disappeared, is there any way of downloading or buying it?

    • Annie Vieira

      Hmm. Not sure why it disappeared. We’ll try to get that sorted and back up for your listening pleasure 🙂

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