If Your Game of Thrones Fave Was a Wildfang Babe

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We love badass women so of course we love Game of Thrones and Game of Thrones Costumes. Chainmail, embroidery and ikea rugs aside, we can’t help but wonder what would happen if those ladies shopped at Wildfang. Wonder no more, we’re nerds so we put our fashion fan theories down on paper.

Daenerys Targaryen

We hate to play favorites BUT WE WILL. Dany is the undisputed Queen of our Sunday nights and our hearts. We’ve seen her fashion evolve every season and her current look of structured shoulders and pants practical enough to ride a dragon in gives us LIFE. Dany would obviously wear a power suit, in a subtle power print. Perfect for commanding a room and an army.


Yara Greyjoy

Yara is clearly the better of the Greyjoy siblings, commanding an armada and hitting on khaleesis like it’s her job. Function rules on the high seas so we wouldn’t be surprised to see her rocking an anorak to stay dry and look fly on the poopdeck (or wherever, that’s the only boating term we know).















Missandei’s wardrobe used to consist almost entirely of crop tops and flowy pants, but now that #WINTERISHERE her midriff is covered, and she’s been wearing what look like leather lace upĀ jumpsuits. We’re sure she’d love our coveralls, just as cute and a little easier to put on.

Arya Stark

Ok, Arya has kind of taken a turn for the murder-y but we still have a soft spot for this true tomboy so it makes sense she’d rock our Tomboy Tee. Camo pants for blending in finish off this look (although when you can change faces blending in is pretty easy).











Ygritte is the flame haired, dropper of knowledge and owner of our favorite line from the entire show (RIP). She might not be on the show anymore but we know that it is no coincidence that Wildling and Wildfang are such similar words. This northern girl would obviously be queen of the flannels.




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