Grandpa Style Never Looked So Good

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Visit Grandpa Style and one thing is blatantly clear—Ashley Owens is one cool chick. With a penchant for cool suits, crisp button ups, and seemingly effortless personal style, the creative director and editor-in-chief has perfected the art of borrowing from the boys. We teamed up with Ashley to get her unique spin on our new collection with a Grandpa Style editorial produced with photographer Matthew Pandolfe, and the results were nothing short of pure badassery. Check out the inside scoop on her Wildfang styled shoot, her thoughts on Macklemore, and her journey from athlete to fashion maven.

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First things first, where did the name “Grandpa Style” come from?

Grandpa Style was a nickname that stuck while I was studying Fashion Design at Parsons the New School. I would wear a lot of pleated trousers with tweed vests and button downs. After a project that was literally inspired by the elderly, peers started calling me “Grandpa“, then I made a WordPress called “Grandpa Style” in ’08. After school and interning got too busy, I dropped the WordPress but bought because I had a feeling I’d want to do something with the name eventually. (Funny because Macklemore totally stole my tag line—luckily I’d already bought the site… haha, jokes.) But in early spring last year, I quit my job and used the domain name as it is now to reference a “quality over quantity” way of living.

Who are your style icons?

My mom, and my grandma. Along with a few notable style leaders like Katherine Hepburn, Diane Keaton, the Teddy Girls, and the 1940s mafia.


What article of clothing can you not live without?

I think 90% of the time I’m in a button down.

We’ve been big fans of Grandpa Style for awhile, but what made you want to work with Wildfang?

Wildfang has been a leader in independent style online for the past few years. I remember when it launched one of my closest friends sent me a link saying I’d be into it—I was! I’ve seen the site grow and it’s great to see a group of ladies killing it on the west coast. It’s nice to come full circle and work with a platform that has been an inspiration.


What was your inspiration when styling the new WF Club Collection?

I wanted to do something relaxed and cool. I feel like the Wildfang girl is confident, edgy, and unchanged by what’s around her. She’s independent and does her own thing. I thought of girls like Chloe Sevigny and how her attitude was everything in her appeal. We wanted to capture that feeling within the collection.

Can you spill one secret about yourself that we’d never guess?!

Oh man! Hmm… before applying to Parsons and moving to New York I was 100% an athlete. After high school, I played college basketball, was a snowboarding coach, and even worked for a year as a personal trainer.

If you could offer one piece of style advice to all the Wildfangs out there, what would it be?

To be intuitive with how you dress and not to worry about anything else.

(Lead image: Ashley Owens in our exclusive Zegel button up; Model: Colleen Miner; Photography: Matthew Pandolfe; Styling: Ashley Owens; HMUA: JD Roberts & Bailee Wolfson). 

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