5 Rad Women Tackle the Theme ‘We Could Be Heroes’ (Free Speech, October 2016)

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October’s live storytelling event was lit! This month, our Free Speech stage was graced with professors, artists, comedians, and innovators. From idolizing Bowie to finding the she-ro within, listen in as these women explore what it really means to be a hero.

1. Emily Brew: “Just an excuse to talk about an obsession”

This brand strategist has high hopes for the rest of the world. Listen in as she talks about her love for Bowie and the freedom to express yourself.


2. Meron Medhanie: “I am not a hero, I am just like you”

A compassionate artist, thinker and student of the human condition. Her story is about self discovery and a new approach to heroism.


3. Jordan Hayles: “Unlikely SHEroes”

Comedic writer & author of Your Brand is Boring. This badass babe talks about the strength in telling your unwanted stories.


4. Georgia Lee Hussey: “I can’t stand under your manbrella”

Founder and president of Modernist Financial, a wealth management firm that serves creative visionaries. This entrepreneur talks about tight skirts and tall stages.


5. Béalleka: “Carpe F*ck em'”

Recovering academic and Wildfang favorite. Her story is about blazing her own trail despite institutional racism.


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