Holiday Style: What to Wear to Everything

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It’s a busy time of year. There are parties you want to go to, parties you don’t want to go to, foods you want to eat, foods you don’t want to eat, more foods you do want to eat, and the list goes on. Your social calendar (and belly) are very full. You don’t have time to THINK about things!

That’s why we’re thinking FOR you. (You’re welcome.) Deciding what to wear to all these social functions around the holidays is stressful. But we’ve got the perfect ensemble for every occasion and we’re just going to tell you what to wear because that’s what friends do.


1. the (boring) office holiday party

Okay, so this party is kind of boring. Like, it starts at 3 pm and you don’t even get to leave the office and you probably have a meeting scheduled for 5 pm that day which means you can’t even get that drunk (PROBABLY). But haven’t you ever heard the saying? Dress for the party you WANT, not the party you HAVE.

2. the (maybe too fun?) work party

To be perfectly honest, you’ll look really good singing karaoke until 2 am in this one. (Don’t ask how we know.)

3. Thanksgiving with the fam

Your mom makes the best gravy. And there are SO MANY things to put gravy on. Potatoes! Stuffing! Green beans! Other potatoes! Leftover potatoes! What we’re saying is, it’s potato season and it’s good to have a long jacket if you need to unbutton your pants without anyone passing judgement.

4. Thanksgiving with friends

Friendsgiving has a very different vibe than family Thanksgiving. There’s a more relaxed dress code and, shall we say, a looser code of conduct? Like for instance, friends don’t care if you put your elbows on the table. And if they do, maybe they’re not your real friends. And honestly, where did that rule come from anyway? It’s a perfectly natural place for elbows to go. Okay, don’t get me started. Anyways, this blazer’s got elbow patches, so that’s cool.

5. meeting the parents

This festive ensemble is what anyone’s mom would call “sharp.” And it’s very important to impress the mom, you know. Plus, you’ll look so sharp it might actually distract everyone from making super boring conversation about like, the economy or whatever.

6. to Grandmother’s house you go

You might not have a lot in common with her, but this is a suit you and grams can agree on. Like, it’s super fly but it’s also totally appropriate for church/temple/showing respect.

7. Saying buh-bye to 2017

Regardless of how you feel about New Year’s Eve parties, 2017 is ALMOST OVER and that is a reason to celebrate. All black seems appropriate, no? And not only will you look like a very sexy cat burglar, it’s also got some stretch which is good for dancing and also because it’s going to be a long night with a lot of snacks. HOPEFULLY.


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