How To: Tie a Tie

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There are countless ways to tie a tie from The Half Windsor to The Four-in-Hand, but The Simple Knot has always been our tried and true favorite. Not only does it have that understated, classic menswear vibe, but you don’t have to be a Boy Scout to master this knot. All it takes it a little practice and soon you’ll be able to tie this knot with your eyes closed—or in the back of an Uber when you’re late to a party. Grab your tie and let’s give it go…

1. Place tie around your neck so the wider end is nearly twice the length of the tail.



2. Cross the wide end over the tail.



3. Wrap the wide end under the tail while using your other hand to pinch and hold the beginning of the knot in place.



4. Wrap wide end over and across to complete the full loop around the tail.



5. Swoop wide end under again, this time bringing it up through the loop around your neck.



6. Tuck wide end of the tie through the front of the knot and tighten.



7. Hold the knot in place and use your other hand to pull the the tail end until the tie is snug around your neck. 



8. Hit the town and party down.



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