It’s Getting Hot In Here: Free Speech, July 2016

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We’re not gonna lie, Free Speech was hotter than ever this month! If you missed our latest night of live storytelling or you just want to relive the magic, check out July’s rad AF lineup of badass women. With the theme ‘It’s getting hot in here’ these stories covered everything from hot tubs to hot deserts to hot sex. #listenup 


1. Jenelle Isaacson: “Truth and Redemption in a Hot Tub”

As the CEO at Living Room Realty, punk rocker, and philanthropist, this triple threat talks monogamy, motherhood, and finding forgiveness from a stranger in a hot tub.


2. Paige Hendrix Buckner: “How 120 Pieces of Blue Cheese Taught Me to Be a Better Entrepreneur”

Not only is Paige Buckner the founder of ClientJoy, she’s also an educator who’s passionate about teaching high schoolers to think like entrepreneurs. Lesson #1: what you can learn about business from accidentally spending $1,000 on cheese.


3. Serita Weasley:  “It’s All About Love”

Serita Weasley, former reality tv casting director and current publishing producer at Wieden + Kennedy, talks being left one month before her wedding, and looking for sex but finding love instead.


4. Angela Jackson: “Ensnared in the Icebergs and Growlers of the North Atlantic”

Iceberg dead ahead! Angela Jackson is a venture capitalist and manager of the Portland Seed Fund, her story is about surviving the icy waters of the Atlantic Ocean and that sometimes in life your only option is to sail your way out of tough situations.


5. Dayna Reed: “A Journey to the Desert and Back”

Forever an optimist, Dayna Reed talks falling in love, finding your voice, and surviving the lessons she learned in the very hot Sonoran desert. In addition to mother and wife, she is the co-owner of Nxt Industries, a co-working space in SE Portland.


6. Rukaiyah Adams: “My Vagina”

This story is about why milk chocolate should never, ever be incorporated into your sex life. When she’s not exploring her relationship with her vagina, Rukaiyah Adams is the chief investment officer at Meyers Memorial Trust.

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