Keep Your Cool in 10 Must-Have Summer Styles Under $50

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Summer is officially in swing and we wanna hook you up for the hot days ahead! Think of this as your cheat sheet for finding this season’s best deals. From perfectly tailored button ups to poolside essentials, you won’t believe these scores are all under $50.


1. Herringbone Checked Shirt, $49.00


Being from Portland and all, you’ll probably see approximately 60% of our office rocking buffalo plaid on any given day, and this lightweight, short sleeved version is like a hipster’s summer dream come true. You can find us sipping our free trade coffee in this bad boy all season long.


2. 8-Bit Beach Towel, $35.00


I never thought I’d get this worked up over a GD towel but then I met this beaut from Woolrich… Seriously, it’s pretty much large enough to fit you and 3-4 of your friends (if you ever happen to find yourself, ya know, shipwrecked and in need of a communal towel or whatever), plus it’s so soft you’ll think you’re petting a basket of purring kittens.


3. Hook Line Twill Shorts, $46.20


Real talk: why is it that most women’s shorts seem like they were made by the costume designer for Dukes of Hazzard? If you prefer your buns covered, you came to the right place! Pro tip: we like to roll the cuff and pretend we’re yachting off the coast of Nantucket—really gets us through those long work days.


4. Soma Shibori Hi-Top Sneakers, $49.00


Don’t let the tie-dye fool you—you are not Bryan Adams and this is not the summer of ’69. This IS, however, 2016 and these hi-tops are most definitely fly AF. (Did we mention they also come in white in case you’re anything like us and slowly working your way toward sneaker-world domination).


5. Wildfang Club Tee, $33.60


Break rules not hearts! Cuz that’s just how we roll. Represent for the Wildfang fam by rockin’ this mega-soft Club Tee to a concert… the gym… brunch… work… hell, go ahead live in it! Just make sure you give it a quick wash every once in awhile and, above all, stay true to your crew.


6. Kewl Kid Jeans, $49.00

6XH0DcuhhY_Kewl_Kid_Jeans (1)

If you weren’t convinced by the name, just think: these jeans will get you one step closer to owning the Canadian Tuxedo of your dreams. How can you say no to that? The perfectly relaxed fit and kewl kid vintage wash don’t hurt either…


7. Pillar Dress, $29.40


Is it a dress? Is it a shirt? Who the hell cares! We’ll just be kickin’ it over here in our grey area looking fresh to death, ’cause everyone knows labels are definitely no longer in style.


8. Watch Backpack, $28.00


Trust us: It is worth it, let ’em work it, let Carhartt put their thing down, flip it, and reverse it. You definitely don’t want to miss out on this backpack from the undisputed masters of quality workwear style.


9. Always Right Lounge Pant, $35.00


We’re starting a petition that will require all pants to include an elastic and/or drawstring waist, ya dig? Someone call Obama ’cause we’re taking it to the top! (Just as soon as we’re done binge watching Orange is the New Black).


10. Tumbleweed Trench, $47.60


Sure… no one actually wants it to rain in the summer, but channeling serious Carmen San Diego vibes is fulfilling all my 2nd grade goals RN. Next you’ll be telling me Clarissa Darling is letting me raid her closet and Blossom hats are back.


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