KITTENS x Wildfang mix tape

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Lauren Abedini, better known as KITTENS, is one of our mix master obsessions. She’s spinning in the City of Angels and after looking at her badass LA style, we knew she was a perfect match for Wildfang.

What inspired this mix for Wildfang?

Women. I’ve really been wanting to do a mix that pays an homage to females and finally I got a really good reason to do it. I selected tracks where either the artists, producers, or musicians were female, as well as tracks that were about a woman in a positive light. (Duhhh what R&B love jams don’t talk about some bomb ass female?)

Where did the name Kittens come from?

Well my first DJ moniker was “Soulre”, I was realllly in a deep classic jazzy, hip hop phase and I just wanted something that showed that I had soul. But overtime me and my friends all realized that totally didn’t fit me – I’m a crazy cat lady. So finally when I was super frustrated from trying to come up with a new “cool” DJ name instead of Soulre, I just went “ugggh this is so annoying! Why can’t I just call myself Kittens and be done with this!”…and that was that.

What’s your go-to outfit when you DJ that makes you feel like you own the stage?

I’m a big big fan of cut up shirts. 90% of my tees have become crops or have the sleeves cut off. So I usually throw on one of those shirts with some high waisted jeans or leggings, tons of gold jewelry (can’t help it, I’m Persian), and depending on the gig/my mood either my Timberland boots or Nike’s so I can jump around a bit more comfortably.


With a name like KITTENS, there’s no doubt this cat can play. Can you guess what she’s fibbing about? We hope it’s the pajama pants for everyone’s sake…

> I tried to make wearing pajama pants a “thing” in middle school.

> I got bullied big time from elementary thru middle school.

> My cat can walk on his front paws in a handstand.

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