Lindsey Byrnes joins the fam

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It’s not every day you get the chance to work with a photographer who has shot the likes of Tegan and Sara, Paramore, and Scarlett Johansson. When Lindsey Byrnes joined the family, we knew we could take Wildfang to a whole new level.

What is it about Wildfang that reeled you in, made you want to get involved?

I met Emma and Julia through a mutual friend who told me I absolutely HAD to meet these two, so we got together at Coachella. That’s when they mentioned they were starting a tomboy influenced brand and it was obvious how smart, motivated, and determined they both are. Oh and FUN! I don’t want to forget fun! So when they asked me to get involved I happily and eagerly accepted. (BTW – they camped at Coachella so I also knew they were BRAVE.)

How did you come up with the concept of Show Us Your Wildfang?

Wildfang is a brand that feels exclusive while actually being very inclusive. I wanted to come up with a concept that would showcase individuality while highlighting Wildfang’s common thread and something that could last. The idea came to me in a brainstorm while drawing from some of my influences like ID magazine covers and Terry Richardson. However, it only was able to really come to life because of the brilliant Wildfang team and everyone riffing off each other and developing it into what it has become and what it will become.

You photographed some of our favorites tomboys. What kind of direction do you give them so you can capture the perfect shot?

Each one of these women are beautiful and unique. I explained the concept to them and then while we were shooting, I literally just repeated over and over “show me your Wildfang!” I mean, honestly, they didn’t need a whole lot of direction. Look at them all! They are perfect.

As a photographer, you’re always the one capturing the moment, but for this campaign we had the privilege of scoring a photo OF you. What is it like being in front of the camera?

FUN! I was photographing Nadia and she is a great photographer. In her work she will often set up shots and have another person click the button so it was a bit of a role reversal for her and perfect for this! Although I prefer to be behind the camera, it’s actually really important to see things from the other side every once in a while. It’s cool to switch it up!

Tomboy runs thick in our blood. What does it mean to you?

When I was a kid, I followed my brother around and tried to be like him. I played sports and wore shorts under my dresses that my grandma made for me. By definition I was a Tomboy now that I am all grown up I am a Wildfang!


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  1. Lindsey also photos Kate Moennig., how could for get Here!

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