Meet Laci Jordan: The Artist Behind Our Exclusive BHM Tee

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Laci Jordan is a phenomenal artist and creative director from Huntsville, Alabama currently living in Los Angeles. She’s also the designer behind our exclusive Wild Feminist design for Black History Month. Not only does she have a background at Disney, she’s also a talented photographer who’s taken portraits of Ava Duvernay and Yara Shahidi, had her illustrations featured on Hypebeast, AND even hosts her own podcast. We talked with her about Oprah, her inspiration for this design, and her background in criminal justice. Check it out.

When people look at your work, what are three things you want them to know about you?

  • I’m creating from an unapologetic space
  • I love creating the things I don’t see
  • “I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my sh*t”

What was the inspiration behind this graphic?

With “The celebration of black women” I wanted to create a piece that included representation of multiple shades of black women existing in the same space. Color is very common with my work. Along with with different shades of brown I included bright colors to show the diversity and colorfulness within WOC.

Photo of Laci Jordan by Orixa Jones

Who’s one woman from history that inspires you?

Past and present, Queen Oprah! Do I even need to give reasons?

What would the sign you’d bring to a protest look like?

A colorful middle finger – bold and expressive.

With an educational background in criminal justice and design, do those two fields ever overlap?

You would be surprised how much the two overlap. During my Criminal Justice coursework a lot of my classes were based around investigation, research, and statistics. All three of those are elements I use in my design career. Research and investigation come in handy when figuring out project references or a manufacturer for a new pin design. Understanding statistics and elements of philosophy play a part in figuring out a demographic or understanding how people think in order to how to communicate through graphics. I always say I’m both left and right brained. The Criminal Justice reflects the more strategic, logical side of me and the design is representation of the right. It’s an amazing balance.

What does Black History Month mean to you?

I have to go on the record and say I believe in celebrating black history 365 days a year (ha-ha). Black History Month gives me a sense of pride. It’s a month long celebration of history, both good and bad that has helped in paving the road for what we see today. There’s an obvious track record of black people not being properly credited for various contributions to society so its great that Black History Month can be an emphasis on highlighting that and also an avenue to educate people.

(Title photo by Jassie UO)


10% of profits from this tee, and from ALL of our Wild Feminist gear will go to Black Girls Code for the month of February in honor of Black History month.


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    I love what Wildfang represents and I can’t wait to strutt my BHM TEE.

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