Suit Your Figure: The Ultimate Suit Fit Guide

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Tomboys come in all shapes and sizes and we know how tough it can be to find the perfect suit for your unique build. To help you find the right fit, we asked a few members of the Wildfang team to take our suits for a real-world test drive. Whether you’re rocking a boyish frame or a curvier silhouette, these 4 babes are breaking it down with some no-holds-barred feedback on what works—and what doesn’t—for their particular body type. Get ready to mix and match from our collection of suit separates and we’ll find you the perfect fit for your figure.


When she’s not doing double duty as Wildfang’s photog and graphic designer, Charise is an avid backpacker and animal-lover whose family includes two dogs and a squirrel named Kid.

Size: XS

Height: 5’3

Bust: 34 / Hips: 38 / Waist: 27 / Inseam: 26 / Sleeve Inseam: 18 / Shoulders: 14



“The oversized look can be tough to pull off when you’re petite, but I really dig this blazer. It’s cut slim so the long lines actually seem to make me look taller (score!); And I love that the lapel is narrow—a large lapel can start to look clown-like on us smaller girls.”


“As a shorter person, this cropped style actually wears more like an ankle length pant—which I love (usually I have to get pants tailored to score this look!) Plus, they’re cut super slim in the calf which is great for petite people who dread that baggy-in-the-ankle look.”


“I have super narrow shoulders so I really liked the structure of the extra padding! The style was just boxy enough on my petite frame without overwhelming it. Honestly, my only complaint is that the bottom of the blazer hit me at the widest part of my hips—I would’ve preferred slightly longer or slightly more cropped with my height.”


“Any vertically challenged chick can tell you the dangers of wide leg pants. You know, when they’re cut just a little too wide and you end up looking squat? The worst! Yet, somehow these pants managed to fit snug in the hips and thigh, and were tailored enough throughout to keep my legs looking proportional. They were a bit too long, but it’s nothing a quick hem or a pair of heels couldn’t fix.”


“This cropped fit was perfect for me! Though I’m small, I have a larger chest, and it can be tough to find clothes that are made for a petite body type but still allow for curves. I love the lower placement of the button on this blazer—I could wear it closed comfortably without feeling constricted.”



The mastermind behind Wildfang’s styling and visual merchandising, Tashina spends her days off adventuring outdoors and adding to her extensive collection of all things vintage.

Size: S

Height: 5’9

Bust: 34 / Hips: 36 / Waist: 27 / Inseam: 30 / Sleeve Inseam: 20 / Shoulders: 17



“This blazer is made for my column frame! I like that the small fits me great, but I could also size up and wear it as more of a coat. The pockets do sit a little high on me given my longer torso.”


“I adore the style of these. The small fit amazing through the waist and thighs; but, because I have such long legs the ankle hits higher on my calf making it a bit tight at the leg opening. I would consider sizing up to get the right length and fit in the leg, then rock a belt around the slightly larger waist.”


“This is my favorite silhouette when it comes to fit and style. I dig that the boxy masculine cut of this blazer is paired with slim shoulders and sleeves to maintain a tailored look—it must be fate that it is named after my idol, Winona!”


“I love these wide leg trousers. It can be tough to find pants that work with my longer legs, but these fall at the perfect length to wear with flats. Plus they’re cut slim at the waist which works great with my smaller hips.”


“While I like the classic style of the Dietrich, the shorter length is tricky on my long torso. I can see myself pairing it with a longer shirt underneath to play up the cropped design.”



An OG Wildfang who’s been with us since the beginning, our ecommerce manager Kelsey is a former collegiate soccer player who is currently mastering The Art of French Cooking—beef bourguignon, anyone?

Size: M

Height: 5’6

Bust: 35 / Hips: 39.5 / Waist: 30 / Inseam: 27 / Sleeve Inseam: 20 / Shoulders: 16



“This was probably my favorite of all the blazers. It fit perfectly—not too tight or too loose. I love the elongated, oversized look which can be tough to find in a women’s blazer. I can totally see myself wearing this over boyfriend jeans for a more dressed down style.”


“The slim, tailored cut was super flattering on my muscular frame; but if you have any calf to speak of, your shins may feel suffocated—size up, ladies!”


“Hello, power suit! The fit was loose and comfortable enough to wear buttoned or unbuttoned and I felt like was channeling some serious Gordon Gekko vibes. I really like the double breasted style but would make sure to keep it paired with a slim pant to avoid looking bulky.”


“Shout out to all my girls with soccer thighs! If you’re rocking muscular legs with small hips, you know the struggle of finding a pair of pants that doesn’t pucker in all the wrong places. That said, these pants fit pretty close to perfect: snug in the butt and no dreaded waist gap.”


“I loved how the tailored style gave me some extra curves, but the shrunken fit definitely made it a little too tight in the biceps. If you have muscular arms and shoulders like I do, I would recommend sizing up to avoid hulking out.”



Wildfang operations specialist Alanna is the proud mom to a feisty feline named Roxy Renegade and is currently playing the role of Claire in Proof at Oregon’s Valley Repertory Theater.

Size: L

Height: 5’2

Bust: 40.5 / Hips: 40.5 / Waist: 32 / Inseam: 26 / Sleeve Inseam: 18.5 / Shoulders: 17



“I love the slimming effect of the long lines, and I can also see myself wearing this blazer more like a lightweight coat through fall which is awesome—double duty! As far as styling, I’d definitely keep it paired with a fitted shirt and slim cut pants so my shape doesn’t disappear under the oversized fit.”


“I love the skinny cropped style of these pants; but given I’m only 5 feet tall, I’d probably cuff these in the future to let a little ankle show or let some fun socks pop.”


“The classic structure and tailoring of this blazer really give it that super-cool, true menswear vibe. To balance out the boxy fit, I’d go untucked and play with layers to add some visual length to the look.”


“I’m pretty smitten with how comfortable these pants are! They fit super well across my thighs and butt and they’re slightly higher waisted which is so much better when you have hips.”


“I love the way this fitted blazer cinches in at the waist and defines my shape. Though I thought it was the most flattering cut on me, heads up to all my girls with killer curves: The Dietrich Blazer runs the smallest out of all three styles and may have to be worn open on anyone with a larger bust.”


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4 Responses to “ Suit Your Figure: The Ultimate Suit Fit Guide ”

  1. I am a huge fan the of the WF suits. There are no suits in any stores where I live, and it is very hard for me to even find items than aren’t matching but can be paired together as the fabrics are often too different or are the dreaded “work wear” type material. When i first purchased the Poiter Pant and the Dietrich Blazer I was super excited. I ordered a small – bad idea. too small. then I bought a large, thinking maybe the medium would still be too small, but that was too big. and i noticed that it just seemed to fit all wrong. I’m short – 5’4 – with broad shoulders, wide hips, a small waist and biggish thighs (squats!). sadly, i find it very hard to find pants that don’t have big waist gaps, but also dont have that ‘stretched tight over your bum and front’ look. with blazers it’s all about trying to find one that fits over my broad shoulders and my arms which are getting more toned and muscular due to the gym and sports, but not sitting on me like a sack since my waist is cinched in. WF recently brought out the deep green coloured suit that looks amazing and I would love to be able to own and rock, and i’m so hoping this new guide to finding a fit helps me and the many others who also have difficult to fit figures. 🙂 love to see that WF posts things like this so we are able to see how things fit the different body shapes and types.

    • You body sounds like mine! I know this was 2 years ago, but I feel you. 5’4.5″ (gotta get that extra half inch on record) broad sholders, wide hips with defined waist, with ample bottom and thick thighs. Being short you can’t go wide leg or you look sqautty and “slim fit” just doesn’t work.

  2. You’ve posted a great blog. There are many branded suits, But it is important to be perfect according to your personality. You have given excellent information about suits. I just like the caring information you provide to your articles. Thanks for sharing the great info. Good Luck!

  3. I love the style of your clothes! I am a tall woman, but my hips and thighs just don’t fit right into men’s clothing. Gender neutral women’s clothing generally runs short on me, and I’m stuck having to buy very femmey/ straight looking clothes. I am 5’11 with a 33″ inseam and my measurement are 36″ 29″ 40″. I also have long arms, with a +1 ape index. Do you have any suits that would work for me? Thank you!

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