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Stop what you’re doing, turn your volume WAY up, and prepare your eardrums to take in some of the best sh*t they’ll hear all year. For realz—with dramatic melodies and beyond dreamy vocals, we have no doubt that Alma is going to be one of the biggest artists to emerge in 2015. Her newest EP ‘Dark Matter’ is a thing of electric indie pop beauty, a 5 track collection that has been given a permanent place on our summer playlist. We recently sat down with Alma to get the scoop on her new music, Nintendo 64 skills, and how whiskey fuels the creative process. Hit play on ‘Dark Matter’ and get ready to swipe right!


‘Dark Matter’ has been at the top of our playlist in the Wildfang office! What inspired the new EP?

Thank you! Cinematic music was a huge inspiration for the EP, which I’ve been calling it an experimental project. I wanted to make it captivating and emotional because it’s a culmination of everything I’ve been through pursing music—grinding and sacrificing to pursue what I really want in life. And, in the end, I wouldn’t change anything, the process has brought me to this point and made me stronger. One of my favorite sayings is ‘everything happens for a reason.’

What else do you have in store for 2015?

I’m super excited to perform live and so eager to share new songs. I’ve already started working on my next project and have collaborations with Lost Boy Crow, Royal, and a producer named Maro in the works.

You’re definitely about to blow up—do you have a dream venue where you’d absolutely love to perform?

Madison Square Garden would be magical, so grandiose! Feeling the history from so many great artists over the years from Led Zeppelin to Prince—I mean, Michael Jackson’s ‘Billie Jean’ performance? Insane.  

Speaking of rocking huge arenas—like Jack White’s now infamous guacamole recipe, what would your green room must-haves be?

Nintendo! I LOVE Mario Kart and Donkey Kong, and Kill Paris got me on ‘Music Machine.’ I’m a total tomboy at heart, video games were my favorite growing up. 

Ok, last 2 questions, do you swipe right on morning coffee or late-night whiskey?

A little whiskey never hurts to open the vibes up in a session—definitely my alcohol of choice while singing. And I prefer Yerba Mate right now! Such a good energy booster after a late night session. I’m not exactly a ‘morning person’ so caffeine is my savior.  

What style do you swipe right on: dressed to the nines or laid-back cool?

Laid-back cool alllllll day! My motto is always: comfort first.


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