The Drinking Edition

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Whether your team made it to the Final or not, we’ll all be watching the last World Cup match on Sunday. And as this year’s tournament draws to a close, we wanted to give it a proper send off—Wildfang style. So grab your friends, a case of PBR, and join us in celebrating these last 90 minutes of athletic prowess and damn fine football. Let the games begin!


One Response to “ The Drinking Edition ”

  1. Are you kidding?! I haven’t seen a world cup game where I and fellow watchers wouldn’t have been passed out after twenty minutes of play under these rules…so I’m adding a few of my own:

    1. Make every other drink a Kaliber/Buckler/O’Doul’s.
    2. Take a bite of pizza every time somebody falls down.
    3. Take two bites if they grab their knee or head.
    4. Take a sip of water every time someone talks about how hot a soccer player is (male or female). In some circles, compliance would keep you dead sober.
    5. If an American refers to the game as “futbol” rather than soccer, throw your drink at them. Don’t replace it for five minutes.
    6. You’re cut off if you actually begin to believe you can speak Portuguese.(Unless you can.)

    On the other hand, the World Cup does present many opportunities to hoist a appreciation. I give you six:
    1. Costa Rica
    2. The Adidas Brazuca soccer ball
    3. Robin van Persie’s spectacular header against Spain
    4, .James Rodriguez’s elegant strike against Uruguay
    3. Crying Brazilians applauding Germany’s historic performance
    3. Adriana Lima in the Kia ads.

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