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It’s not every day we find ourselves standing in the middle of a sun-drenched gymnasium watching an Emmy-nominated actress (dressed in a full gorilla suit, mind you) slowly raise her furry hand and defiantly flip off a 7-foot-tall NBA player. But, hey, we are Wildfang after all, and there is no one more Wildfang than Evan Rachel Wood.

When we set out to find a truly badass, fearless, loveable, up-for-anything partner-in-crime, we knew Evan was the girl for the job. “I’m kind of a daredevil,” she explains. “I like putting myself in uncomfortable situations to push myself.” Challenge accepted, ERW. Challenge accepted. Cue the gorilla suit—and while we’re at it, a 5-year-old who could school all of us in the finer points of gender identity, some fierce old broads rolling joints, and, of course, rock icon Kim Gordon (cuz every video could use a healthy dose of Kim Gordon, am I right?).


“This project is a play on the exercise of saying ‘yes’,” Evan continues. “Except instead of saying ‘yes’ I respond with ‘Evan Rachel would’. It’s a funny piece, but it’s also about being yourself and taking chances.” To bring this concept to life, Wildfang partnered with Portland-based creative geniuses Sockeye and mega-talented filmmaker James Westby. With PDX as the backdrop, we get to experience a memorable day-in-the-life, punctuated with cameos from fellow rule-breakers like Gordon, Blazers center Robin Lopez, and Gossip frontwoman Beth Ditto.

While it was a tomboy’s dream come true for us to work with Evan Rachel Wood, it was also an opportunity to shine some light on a yes-worthy cause. “We’ve been long-time admirers of Friends of the Children, and we felt like this campaign was the perfect opportunity to give back,” says Wildfang CEO Emma McIlroy. “They identify the most vulnerable children in our communities as kindergartners and then commit to support and mentor them for 12.5 years, no matter what. It’s all about helping them change their stories and giving them the opportunity to say ‘yes’ to life.” (To support Friends of the Children, Wildfang will be donating 100% of proceeds from Evan Rachel Would tees to the organization. To learn more, click here.)

Karaoke and gorilla suit shenanigans aside, at the end of the day, Wildfang wanted to create a film about finding adventure in the ordinary, pushing yourself to take on the unknown, and having the ladyballs to say “yes” to the opportunities life presents you—big or small. “At the end of the day, I had no choice but to turn fearless,” Kim Gordon says in the film, reading from her memoir, Girl in a Band. To which Evan Rachel Wood replies, simply: “Fuck. Yes.”

So now the only question that remains is: Would you? #EvanRachelWould


Behind the scenes photos courtesy of Chris Hornbecker
Produced by Sockeye
Director: James Westby 
Starring: Evan Rachel Wood, Beth Ditto, Kim Gordon, Robin Lopez, Darius Pierce, Roz Roseman, Janet Day, Patty Price-Yates, Sarasvati Kukreti, Parker Hall
Director of Photography: Kevin Fletcher
Art Direction: Jenelle Giordano, Taralyn Thuot
Styling: Taralyn Thuot, Tashina Hill
Creative Directors: Emma McIlroy, Taralyn Thuot, Peter Metz, Andy Fraser
Writers: James Westby, Emily Jensen, Annie Vieira, Emma McIlroy


– What’s Up by 4 Non Blondes, courtesy of Sony/ATV, Linda Perry & Covered Records
– Reverie by Debussy, courtesy of Rumblefish
– La Mer by Debussy, courtesy of, Creative Commons
– Aquarium by Saint-Saens, courtesy of, Creative Commons
– Wildwood Flower by Carter Family, Public Domain/Creative Commons
– Original composition, Jason Wells


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