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We have been raised in a world with binary boundaries. That’s old world. Because THE FUTURE IS FLUID.




In honor of LGBTQ history month, we teamed up a group of amazing humans to bring you #THEFUTUREISFLUID. The project showcases fluidity in gender identity, expression, sexuality and relationships and aims to raise funds and awareness for LGBTQ issues and organizations. 10% of the profits from this collection goes directly to the Tegan and Sara Foundation.

Meet the cast and crew that brought this project to life, in their own words.

Leif, Riley, Pace, Margaret, Beck, and Noah

Margaret (They/Them): A parent who loves dance parties in the kitchen, all day naps, brunch at anytime, and writing articles that may challenge you

“The idea of fluidity is important to me, it means that I can exist as a complex being, without fitting into any box or expectation. I get to exist simply as myself.”



Tavia and Ruby

Tavia (She/Her): Queer femme Mama trying to balance out the letting go and holding on

My goal as a parent, friend and family member is to love wholeheartedly, to show up and to be present. This means that I aim to value each person in their entirety, support their growth and love them for being themselves. The best gift I can give the people in my life is recognizing their humanity and fluidity.” 

Ruby (She/Her): Proud, feminist, trans kid

“(My greatest hope for the future isFor everyone to be safe and supported and for people to be nice to one another even if they don’t understand the other person.”




Alex (They/Them): Queer Fat Femme powerlifting coach and wannabe country music star

“Fat people are expected to perform gender in very rigid ways. My fluid gender and presentation is a fat middle finger at the status quo. I want a future where everyone can experience joyful embodiment and body liberation.”



Biff, Trystan, Hailey, Riley, and Baby Leo

Biff (He/Him): Stay-at-home dad and economic justice advocate

“I spent big parts of my life pretending not to be fluid- conforming to what others’ expectations of me were. I tried to be more masculine or feminine than I am, so I could have love and acceptance. But what I learned was… acceptance, when predicated upon a lie, isn’t acceptance at all. It’s a trap. When I met Trystan, I felt finally able to express myself authentically- to be masculine and feminine at different times and in different situations. Because he’s trans, he was able to accept all of me, in all its complexity.”

Trystan (He/Him): Trans parent, raising two adopted kids and one child that he gave birth to

“I relate to the idea that one can choose the best parts of gender and create a mosaic for themselves. I can be a man AND grow and birth a baby. Others have said you can’t have it both ways… but I’m here to say you can, and I have.”

Hailey (She/Her): A girl who likes boy things sometimes, like soccer shirts, and girl things other times, like kitty pants and glitter shirts

“Fluidity is good, cuz you don’t have to just wear girl things, you can also wear boy things even if you’re a girl. (My greatest hope for the future is) Changes happen. Like soccer will turn into flying soccer up in space, and shoes will turn into skater shoes that you can roll in, and dogs and cats can fly.”

Riley (He/Him): Is cool

“I like that I have the choice to express myself the way I want, even though I am very proud to be a boy and do boy stuff. I like that I could be different if I wanted to.”




(Right, pictured with Tavia)

Liza (She/Her): Hot DIVA with a bad attitude… JK… Curious connector, wide-eyed wanderer

“The human condition feels too complex to be categorized. Labels are isolating, especially when they’re antiquated. To me, fluidity means freedom and acceptance.”




Nicasia (She/Her): Ultra curious, never sleeping lover of: laughter, being black, hands, non-slimy/squirmy animals, booty, large trees, juicy fruits, moving waters, & bluesy tunes

“(I feel most like myself) When I’m moving, dancing; when I’m in nature; when I’m laughing with friends; when I feel seen; when I feel safe.”




Joey (They/Them): A PDX local, musician, writer, cinematographer/photographer, and youth peer mentor

“I have always felt very otherly. Growing up in a very conservative and religious household, I was given a gender blueprint to follow; eventually, I came to realize that I didn’t fit the schematics. No one can tell me who or what I am, because I am the only one.”



Hailee (They/Them): 19 year old model and artist from Portland, Oregon

“I identify as gender neutral, sometimes gender fluid. To me this means my identity can be anywhere on this spectrum that I created for myself based on the standards society already sets for us as people.”




Ma (She/Her): Check out her music here.


Meet the Crew


Stuart (They/Them): Director & Writer. Genderqueer writer, filmmaker, lover, artist, creator, dancer at stoplights (And proud Leo:, ahem)

“I think labels are beginning to disintegrate right before our eyes, and I welcome in more flow around gender, sexuality, gender norms, and even what families and relationships look like; fluidity is allowing us all to define ourselves how we want to. Gender fluidity is something I live- I raise my pinkies with every sip, love the color pink, but also rock hairy nipples and bolo ties.”




Kai (He/They): Director of Photography & Sound, Cinematographer/ Director/ Artist

“I hope the next generation push the boundaries even deeper with gender expression. I hope to see the pronoun they become so common that a history class is taught about the old binary society. I hope children are taught at a young age what it means to be an ally.”




Liz (They/Them): Grip/Best Boi-in-training

“Fluidity feels like an uninhibited curiosity that nurtures excitement and confidence to explore and present and be whatever is authentic in the moment. (My greatest hope for the future is) With respect to fluidity: the total extinction of gender reveal parties.”



Special Thanks To: Marmoset Music, Ryan Chapman, Chapman Camera, Martin Melnick, James Westby, Ella Ray, Jenna Wardner, Treehouse Post, Red Bull Studio, and Liberation Barbell. 

Photos of Tegan and Sara by Lindsey Byrnes.


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