The True Meaning of Christmas

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When it comes to gift giving, people always say that it’s the thought that counts. We couldn’t agree more. But before you hit the shops to impulse buy the first shiny thing to catch your eye, you better make sure you and your gift are speaking the same language. Fortunately for you, we’ve created this handy guide to help you decipher the true meaning of Christmas… presents. 


1. “You wore your pajamas to the bar last Saturday night and I’m starting to worry about you.”


Just write “I saw this notebook and thought of you,” and let the card do the heavy lifting. Get it Done Notebooks, $8


2. “We just started dating and I really like you but I’m not sure where we stand yet so I got you this nice but totally non-committal gift.”


Ahhh, mittens—it’s the present you know they’ll love but is still non-specific enough to give you plausible deniability should their gift to you be wildly underwhelming. Snow Bank Mittens, $40


3. “I’m really sorry I broke your favorite mug and blamed it on the cat.”


Go ahead and buy the full range because nothing says “not guilty” like totally overcompensating. 503 Series Mugs, $12 each


4. “I can’t believe you’ll be skydiving in Costa Rica while I’m sleeping in my childhood bedroom and explaining to my Grandma why I’m not married yet.”


Truth: No matter how old I get, the idea of telling my mother that I’m not coming home for Christmas still sounds more terrifying than jumping out of a plane at 14,000 feet. Full of Guts Tee, $40


5. “I’m intimidated by the fact that you have way better taste than me.”


Sometimes it’s simply better to admit defeat rather than spend an already stressful time of year agonizing over whether paisley is currently on-trend or SO last season. Wildfang Gift Card, $15 and up


6. “Let’s Netflix and chill all winter long.”


Pro tip: a person usually doesn’t buy a gift for another person’s bed unless they’re planning to spend time in it. Allegheny Blanket, $162


7. “If I hear you complain about how cold you are one more time, I may inappropriately lash out by switching your regular coffee with decaf.”


We all have that co-worker who never shuts up about the sub-zero office temps. Here’s a thought, Malibu Barbie: dress accordingly! Blanket Scarf, $118


8. “I’m hoping my nice manners will make you forget about that Facebook picture you saw of me beer-bonging in college.”


Your significant other is taking you home to meet the parents and you want a gift that says, “I care about impressing you” without screaming “trying too hard.” Enter: Standard Wax Candle, $26


9. “I know it was you who ruined the antique coffee table I inherited from my grandmother, you sonovabeech!”


Passive aggressive? Sure. But maintaining decorum in the face of water rings isn’t always easy. Optical Grain Coasters, $15


10. “I’m secretly suspicious that you only wear black because you’re a really messy eater.”


To be fair, table manners are SO not rock-n-roll. The Johnny Cash Tee, $40


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