Thru the lens of a rascal: lavenda memory

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Lavenda Memory has shot for everyone from Zooey to Touch Puppet. A self described “fairy tales enthusiast,” we knew her whimsical style would be the perfect match for our playful, Rascals inspired lookbook. Post shoot, we caught up with the Portland-based fashion photographer and grilled her on everything from her fave menswear to the last time she raised a little hell.

You brought to life the Rascals gang, inspired by tomboys like Peggy Oki and Elissa Steamer—if you could shoot any famous Rascal, who would it be?

A huge icon of mine is Banks. She is an incredibly talented musician who I would DIE to shoot with. She has a powerful presence, voice, and perspective—she kills it as a writer too. I admire everything about her as a professional and artist.

We like to think that playing by the rules is not playing. What rules do you believe were meant to be broken?

As a society, we project rules onto others through our own expectations. These rules are definitely meant to be broken. In so many art forms, including personal fashion, we learn the rules so that we can break them and discover our own voice.

Tell us about the last time you threw caution to the wind and raised a little hell.

On my birthday. Some friends and I had a crazy night in LA that goes down in history… I would say more, but it was more than just me involved 🙂

Well, at least tell us this: if your girl gang had a name, what would you guys be called?

OMG Um… I guess it would be called The Shreds. But that makes me think of Shredded Wheats. Maybe I’m hungry.

Ok, last question: what is your favorite piece of menswear in your closet?

My loose boyfriend jeans and a mens sweater I stole from a friend.

Check out the rascals lookbook.


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