Turning Back the Clock: 7 Fun Ways to Blow Your Extra Hour

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Ever wish there were more hours in a day? Well, there will be! But how did this happen? Did you make a wish on a weird antique fortune teller machine? Maybe, but that’s not what this is about. That’s right, this is the weekend when we turn the clocks back and you get an extra hour (without the help of Zoltar)! Now, you could just sleep through it but where’s the fun in that? Well, don’t worry. We’ve got some ideas for making the most of this time.


Now we’re not going to claim that jogging is “fun” in the traditional sense of the word, but it is definitely a thing that people do. And you could too, now that you’ve got some time! Of course the best part of jogging is that you get to reward yourself with pizza afterward. Pro Tip: These sweats go well with pizza even if you should skip the jog.


Fall is the perfect time to stay inside and learn a new skill. Why not try your hand at cross-stitch? You know it’s a cool hobby because you can do it from the couch while watching tv.


Everyone knows that writing is hard but it’s easier if you have something to write in/on. Take some time to let it all out. Journal your feelings. Make plans for world domination. Continue working on that list of pizza places you want to try.

4. NAP

Ok, now napping is totally different from sleeping. It’s an art form, really. So put on your comfiest sweatshirt, grab a blanket, and find your corner of the couch. You’re probably a little out of practice, but we’re getting into nap season, so you’re going to want to get back in shape.


It’s not very sexy but this is a good time to start getting your important grownup papers in order. You know, all those things that you shove in a bag and then put in a closet and then forget about until you’re doing your taxes or something? Fortunately, fun filing folders can help ease the pain of adulting.


As we’re sure you’re well aware, there’s ALWAYS someone you should be calling nowadays in order to save our country from imminent disaster. And if you’re not sure who you should be calling today, here’s a handy resource. And when you’re done calling members of Congress, you can reward yourself with pizza.


In the words of David Bowie…and Lady Gaga…and probably lots of other awesome people who know what they’re talking about, LET’S DANCE. Or JUST DANCE. The point is DANCE. An hour of dancing is good for the soul. Plus it’s a good way to burn off all that pizza you’ve been eating.


Okay, we’ve been beating around the bush long enough now. Pizza is pretty much always the answer. And here’s a rad beanie so you can match your meal.


…Aaand more clothes to eat pizza in:
Photo Dec 15, 11 07 47 AM

Whatever you do, we know you’ll have a good time.


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