10 Ways to Smash the Patriarchy

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We know you’re out there everyday changing the world we live in, protesting the idiot in chief, and fighting for the disenfranchised. We’re here to make sure you’re doing it in style.


Designed by Emerald Pellot this is the ultimate way to rep your favorite artist (🐝) and smash the patriarchy. If you ever need help flipping off Trump, this jacket’s got your back.

2. Make a Plan

Nothing is more satisfying than crossing something off your to-do list, especially when that to-do list includes world domination and shattering the glass ceiling.

3. Time to Blossom

Don’t worry, we were late bloomers too. Perfectly floral (and there might just be a matching button up) this shirt is just like you. Pretty but packs a punch.


Annoy the hell out of the crusty old dudes trying to take away your health care. Call ’em, text ’em, grab your grandma’s fax machine and send them some faxes. Don’t know how to fax? NEITHER DO WE! Text RESIST to 50409 and a robot WILL DO IT FOR YOU.

5. Carry the Essentials

This bag passes the Bechdel Test. You’re the main character in your life and you know it, go ahead and tell that guy he can find his manic pixie dream girl somewhere else.

6. Make a Statement Without Saying a Word

Nothing says toxic masculinity like street harassment and this tank says it all for you. You can just keep your earbuds in and keep on walking, because let’s face it, you’re not smiling for them, you’re smiling because you’re listening to 2 Dope Queens.

7. Keep it Together

You cannot, we repeat, CANNOT smash the patriarchy if you cannot find your goddamn keys. We know, you left them right there on the table but now that table is covered in yesterday’s mail and empty kinder bueno wrappers. Get this keychain and let the feminist blooms help your keys stand out.

8. Bring the Stealth Feminism

This black on black graphic bomber makes a huge statement, in a subtle way. Pictures don’t do it justice but having the extra shine of Wild Feminist on this perfectly tailored bomber makes you walk a little taller, and have the confidence to take on any manspreader who sits next to you on the subway.

9. Teach ‘Em Young

Not only cute, but also woke. Your friend is having a baby shower and you don’t want to go because it is awkward to watch someone else open presents, but hey babies are expensive and you love your friend SO YOU GO. Bring one of our adorable and unisex baby onesies and help their cute tiny fat fists get to smashin’.

10. Take Your Fight to the White House

The best way to fight the system is to change it. Women make up around 19 percent of all members of Congress and less than 25 percent of all state legislators. You can make a difference by getting out there and running for office, even if its just a local government position or helping on a campaign, having a seat at the table changes the way decisions are made.  Wear this pin on your lapel as a little reminder.

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