What If Your 7 Favorite Movies Had a Badass Female Lead?

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If you managed to get your hands on the original Star Wars script, you might find yourself asking: “Where the f*ck is Luke?” Rather than the soon-to-be-jedi hero we all know and… tolerate (sorry, Mark Hamill but Luke is kind of the worst), if things had gone according to the original draft, it would’ve been Luka Starkiller who valiantly defeated the Death Star in the Battle of Yavin. But, in a tale as old as Hollywood, that badass female protagonist got replaced with a dude, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Fast forward to present day—Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens finally gave us the tough, ass kicking, adventurous heroine we were meant to have… just, ya know, 40 years too late. While we couldn’t be more excited about the latest release, all this got us thinking: What if Leia had been the hero? In fact, what if all our favorite movies had been written with a female lead?

It’s time to right the last 40 years of wrongs. As payback for her relegation to second fiddle in Star Wars, we went ahead and gave Leia the lead in all our favorite movies instead.  Introducing: Leia Strikes Back. May the Force be with you…


1. Back to the Future—Where Leia’s going she doesn’t need roads.



2. Ghostbusters—Leia Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost.



3. The Godfather—Leia’s gonna make you an offer you can’t refuse.



4. Rocky—Leia: Her whole life was a million-to-one shot.



5. Braveheart: They may take her life, but they’ll never take Leia’s freedom. 



6. Top Gun: Leia’s got the need, the need for speed. 



7. Indiana Jones: If adventure has a name, it must be Princess Leia Jones. 



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