Who the Shape are You?

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You’ve met the shapes, tracked their hell-raising antics, and now the time has come to pull out your writing implement of choice and figure out who the shape you are.

For each question, circle the answer that best corresponds to your personality. At the end, tally up your responses and use the key to determine your results.

1. A job application asks if you have ever been arrested. You . . .

A. Answer “no” but feel guilty because there was that time in college you were arrested for crowd-surfing naked at Glastonbury Festival.

B. Proudly answer “no”—your inner Emily Post would never allow it.

C. Answer “yes” noting that it was for when you successfully went over Niagara Falls in a barrel.

D. Answer “yes” and attach your lengthy rap sheet.

2. If you could meet anyone in the world dead or alive, who would it be?

A. Nellie Bly—I mean she did travel around the world in 72 days

B. Margot Fonteyn—sophisticated, smart, cultured.

C. Jessica Jerome—a fearless chick who spends her days flying midair above ski slopes.

D. Janis Joplin—this self-proclaimed rebel knew how to whip a crowd into a frenzy.

3. Your autobiography would be entitled . . .

A. Thanks to Airplanes I Traveled Around the World in 2 days (47 hours).

B. The Coder Who Loved da Vinici

C. 50 shades of Adrenaline Rushes

D. When I got a Dragon Tattoo

4. You sit down to play a game of Clue, what’s your weapon of choice?

A. The lead pipe—besides being a weapon it serves as a spare part for fixing the sink.

B. The candlestick—as long as it’s sterling silver.

C. The rope—just like your idol Indiana Jones.

D. The revolver—got to keep up street cred, amirite?

5. You walk into a room that’s empty except for a chair in the middle of the room.  You…

A. Sit on the chair and Instagram your shoes.

B. Sit on the chair and stare at the wall, which looks to you like a Rothko painting.

C. Practice your back handspring off the chair.

D. Walk out of the room and look for a room with more going on.

6. What’s your fave jam?

A. Vidup Agrahari—you discovered him on a recent trip to India

B. John Williams—the modern Mozart. He’s classical, relaxing, stimulating.

C. It doesn’t matter who as long as it’s loud with a strong bass.

D. MIA—the epitome of bad girls.

7. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

A. 10 minutes. You map your outfits out a week in advance.

B. An hour and that’s just the hair—your grooming routine is pretty elaborate.

C. 30 seconds. Did you even get a chance to close the door?

D. No time. You roll out of bed wearing what you wore last night.

8. Favorite selfie opportunity?

A. In front of Big Ben. Does it get any more iconic?

B. Selfies aren’t your style. You’d prefer to a shot with proper lighting by a studio photographer.

C. Mid-air with Whisper the bungee jumping dog.

D. With your bestie the tattoo artist.

9. You’re driving with a group of friends and get lost—how do you react?

A. Crank up the music, roll down the windows, and enjoy the view. It’s an adventure!

B. Calmly ask Siri for directions.

C. Put out your thumb and hitchhike home.

D. Head to a local dive bar, grab a beer, and have some fun.

10. What is your web browser of choice?

A. Safari—because just looking at its icon inspires adventure

B. Internet Explorer—because everyone knows that PCs are the computer with the biggest brain.

C. Chrome—the search engine of the modern world.

D. Opera—the alternative web browser.

If you chose mostly A, you’re Ari the Daytripper…

You’re a little nerdy and that’s what we love about you. You crave adventure and new experiences, and when you’re not traveling you’re busy planning your next trip. Your go-to style is functional fashion (think fanny pack, binoculars, and a super-soft Wolf Pack Crew), and you’ve perfected the skill of opening beers with the edge of your Lonely Planet guide book.

If you chose mostly B, you’re Virgil the Sophisticate…

With sophisticated style and a sharp wit, you’re like the love child of James Bond and Steven Colbert. You have a taste for the finer things in life and think happiness is an evening spent sipping Bordeaux and listening to Coltrane. Your prized possession is the leather bow tie you caught after Janelle Monae tossed it into the crowd at the Governors Ball Festival last month.

If you chose mostly C, you’re Zira the Daredevil…

You’re an adrenaline junky, thrill-seeking extrovert who thinks eating a balanced breakfast means grabbing a Redbull and an energy bar on your way out the door. You’ll try just about any sport once and while you’ve carried your childhood parkour obsession into your adult years, you’ve expanded your repertoire to include bungee jumping, windsurfing, and base jumping. When it comes to adventure you have only three words—“Bring it on.”

If you chose mostly D, you are Milo the Punk…

You’re a lady who isn’t afraid to raise a little hell and believe there are only 3 ingredients needed for a great night out—your well-worn leather jacket, a bottle of whiskey, and a killer band. You’re passionate about expanding your collections of both tattoos and vinyl, and you play a mean bass in your Sex Pistols cover band.

So… who the shape are you?

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