Wild-O-Ween: Tomboy Costumes Guaranteed to Raise the Dead

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Imagine it’s October 31st, the night of All Hallow’s Eve, and something evil is lurking in the dark… The zombies are walking dead, Bill Murray’s off somewhere busting ghosts, and the werewolves are most definitely drinking piña coladas at Trader Vics. And you? You’re probably monster-mashing your heart out to the Crypt Kicker Five. The only question is: What’s a girl to wear on her journey down the highway to hell? Fear not, Wildfang, for we have 5 tomboy inspired costumes that are guaranteed to raise the dead.

Amelia Earhart


Pilot, trailblazer, and all-around badass, channeling Amelia Earhart is sure to make you the fly-est tomboy for miles. Rock some serious vintage aviation style in the Amelia Jumpsuit and Wright Aviator Jacket. Top it off with some classic Aviator sunglasses, the Earhart Watch (cuz, duh), and Sleuth Cap and you’ll be soaring in style. The only thing left to do is make loud airplane noises, then near the end of the party cut out without telling anyone so your friends think you vanished into thin air like Earhart over the Pacific.*

*Major party etiquette no-no. Not actually recommended.

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Juno McGuff


A Halloween spent as everyone’s favorite fictional preggo teen is so much more than cramming a pillow under your your striped tee and carting around your hamburger phone—Juno what I mean, homeskillet? Depending on your current familiarity with mid-aughts indie music and obscure pop culture references, this costume may require some serious preparation. Dust off that Belle and Sebastian CD, settle in for a Dario Argento horror fest, and get ready to drop quirky witticisms at no less than 300 wpm. Bonus points for bringing along your own Paulie Bleeker for an impromptu Moldy Peaches duet. Enjoy the shenanigans, Fertile Myrtle.

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All hail the Queen of pop-music darkness! Let’s be honest, no one has ever pulled off teen angst with more style and badassery than this chick. Pump up the drama and go goth-glam in dark lipstick, glorious mermaid locks, and a luxe black velvet jumpsuit à la VMAs 2014. Make sure you keep it monochrome save for some theatrical jewelry and you’ll be Pure Heroine. Now start claw dancing and repeat after me, “I am Lorde, ya ya ya ya ya.”

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The best part of dressing as Watts for Halloween is the opportunity to sidle up to every couple at the party and say all menacing-like: “Break his heart, I break your face.” Some Kind of Wonderful kicked off the post-Molly Ringwald John Hughes era and boy-howdy did it hold it’s own, largely thanks to this tough, drum-rocking tomboy who reminded anyone who questioned her: “This is 1987. Did you know a girl can be whatever she wants to be?” (Preach, Watts. Preach.) Keep things simple in jeans, a white Portland Tank, and distressed Chopper Vest, and tie it all together with fingerless red-leather gloves, thick white socks under your oxfords, and, of course, your sticks.

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If there is one reason to dress like Rihanna for Halloween it is this: no one, I repeat, no one has ever had more fun at a party than BadGalRiRi. We would tell you to just wrap yourself up in an I-give-zero-f*cks attitude and forget the rest but, hey, girl’s got style, too. Get ready to Pour it Up in distressed denim, silk screened Nightlife Tomboy Bra (pro tip: it glows in the dark), and throw your Gilded Bomber over your shoulders like the bo$$ you are. Accessorize with shades, a chain, killa claw nails, and (for all you over achievers) her infamous tats. Let’s blast some Disturbia and get turnt up.

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