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Tomboy is not a trend—it’s a style and an attitude that’s been around for hundreds of years. Tomboy is about being yourself, about wearing what feels comfortable to you, and about following your heart instead of following the rules. To celebrate all our fellow rule-breakers, we partnered with Stylelikeu and challenged 5 style icons to make our collection theirs.

Elisa Goodkind: OG tomboy

Co-mastermind of Stylelikeu, Elisa is drawn to the unexpected—including her male style icons: Abraham Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin, and George Washington. “I’ve been very misbehaved my whole life,” she says. “I think a lot of the rules we live by are created out of fear.” Elisa styled our tomboy tee with a camo Junya Wantanabe skirt and heels. “I really like saying you’re a tomboy. There’s something really appealing about a girl with boyish qualities—the juxtaposition of that.”

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Nyemiah Supreme: Rap Genius

“The double standards, just in general, for women, have annoyed me my whole life,” says Nyemiah Supreme. “Instead of rappers, we’re labeled female rappers—as if there’s a difference in what we do.” Nyemiah’s style incorporates the best of both worlds—while she’s been known to shop in the men’s section, she’ll top it off with jewelry and a purse. “I can be chill and breathe,” the future chart topper says of our cropped Tomboy hoodie, paired with distressed jean shorts and red chucks.

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Alice Lancaster: Painter and illustrator

While her paintings are vibrant and full of color, Alice Lancaster likes to keep her personal style simple: “I’m kind of put in this category of a female, feminist artist, so I don’t want to exude any of that. I don’t want to dress very feminine—I just want to be considered an artist.” Most days, Alice can be found rocking a blazer and the painting jeans she inherited from her mother—an outfit she topped off with our leather Monae bow tie and hand painted leather shoes.

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Samantha Urbani: Musician and Lead Singer of Friends

Musician Samantha Urbani, who can most recently be heard collaborating with Dev Hynes on Blood Orange’s You’re Not Good Enough, describes her relationship to clothing as a push and pull. “My style evolution has been a series of me rebelling against myself,” she says, citing Adam Ant as one of her fashion icons. Samantha customized our white Heroines and Hellions crew by cutting it into a crop and throwing it on over high-waisted jeans. “I get whatever feels good and looks good.”

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Bee Walker: NYC based Photographer

“I think there’s a lot of strength in classic tailoring and classic silhouettes,” says photographer Bee Walker. “Menswear has some very strict rules, and most of the expression comes either in small details or in fit.” While Bee has always been a fan of men’s clothing, she’s challenged herself to find ways to make the look work with her naturally curvy body type. For this shoot, she threw on our Sapling Overall and her favorite well-worn leather boots. “I always wanted people to pay attention to me for things I did well and my intelligence, and not just the way I look.”

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  1. love to meet wildfang! im a tomboy all the way!

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