CYBER MONDAY SALE: You won’t believe what you can get for under $75 RN

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Well, as hard as we all find it to believe, Thanksgiving is this week. It really snuck up on us this year, didn’t it? Well, two can play at this game, Thanksgiving. You sneak up on us? We sneak up on YOU. That’s right, we’re already over you and on to celebrating Black Friday & Cyber Monday.

And we’ve got deals that are hotter than a green bean casserole! Sweeter than pecan pie! More delicious than a boat full of gravy! Better than a leftovers sandwich! You get the idea. They’re very good deals. And we put together 10 of the best finds under $75. Get ready to have your mind blown.

1. Bonet Velvet Cropped Pants ($98 $73.50)

There’s nothing basic about these black pants. And haven’t you always wanted to be ensconced in velvet? This is a very good start.

2. Ultimate WF Pajama Set ($98 $68)

Do you take sleep seriously? You should. Dress for success with this fine pajama set.

3. Bonet Velvet Vest ($72 $54)

MORE VELVET, PLEASE. And don’t ever let anyone tell you you can’t wear a vest. You look so good in vests.

4. Jett Overall ($90 $67.50)

You really need more overalls in your life. They’re super rad and they’re just safer than pants.

5. Ex Trucker Jacket ($89.50 $67.13)

Have you been searching all your life for the perfect denim jacket? I know I have. Well, we finally found it. And it’s on sale.

6. Vaughn Oversized Button Up ($98 $70)

Do you miss the 90s? YOU DON’T HAVE TO BECAUSE THEY’RE BACK! Welcome them in this oversized button up.

7. MTHR FCKR Crew ($78 $58.50)

You know what I’m saying?

8. Eco Twisted Flannel ($79 $59.25)

Don’t you just want to live in a castle that’s made entirely of flannel? It would be like Frozen but kind of grunge and so much cozier.

9. World Wide Hoodie ($84 $63)

We all feel a little antisocial sometimes. Here’s a hoodie that knows the importance of “me time.”

10. Woolrich Rough Rider Blanket ($95 $71.25)

You don’t have to be cold anymore! Get in this blanket and don’t come out until at least April. Wildfang’s orders.

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