You Got This 2017

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Wildfang and fellow female empowerment movement I Am That Girl, have joined forces with 9 of our favorite fierce females to design a limited edition set of pins inspired by their own “you got this” moments.

Whether you’re an athlete, rockstar, doctor, student, or mom, we all have those moments when self doubt creeps in and we need that extra little boost of confidence before we go out there and set the world on fire. From actor Jackie Cruz to soccer star Megan Rapinoe, here are the brave, bold, and inspiring messages behind each individual pin. Designed to remind you that badass lies within and you got this.

Jackie Cruz: Actor, Star of OITNB

“I learned that being myself was enough.”


Megan Rapinoe: USWNT + Olympic Gold 

“Whether giving encouragement or receiving it, there is strength in both.”


Lizzo: Hip Hop Artist

“Don’t worry about the small things, I know I can do all things.”


Yvonne Orji: Actor, Star of Insecure

“Project good things + trust they’ll become a reality”


Rachel Platten: Singer/Songwriter

“Make sure your inner voice is a kind one.”


Mona Tavakoli: Drummer & Co-founder of the Rock and Roll Camp For Girls

“All it takes is one girl to step up, to make something happen.”


Bethany Cosentino: Lead Singer of Best Coast

“You can, you will, and you always have.”


Natalie Morales: Actor, Parks and Rec and the Upcoming Battle of the Sexes

“Every time I doubt myself I remember Buster Keaton, that little man from Kansas who changed the world with comedy.”


PJ: Singer/Songwriter

“I’m not like anybody else.  So don’t put their limits onto me.”





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